Hipster is as Hipster Does

So a couple of friends were over today and they sought it fit to do an impromptu photoshoot.

Here are the Results


Sorry its been a while

So I’ve been rather busy lately with school and what not. However I did just finish up my senior project and passed with flying colors. SO in light of this I though I would post some photos from the presentation. Enjoy!

Doggie Photo Shoot

So their having a photo contest over at Studio414 for dog shots and I figured I’d enter just for fun, and maybe win some money along the way.

My lovely Dobberman, Bonnie volunteered for the shoot and I got some great shots.

Roaming Radnor

So as I was out the other day I thought to go to the train station see if anything interesting was going on there.

While I was there nothing really happened although I did see how the fence was falling down and the snow was still on the ground from the 2 blizzards we had.

So I thought that this photo might be an interesting capture.

Intense Sunset

While I was driving around, I began to notice how beautiful the sunset was. This Beauty prompted my pulling over and taking this shot, only afterwards did I realize what I had captured.

February Blizzard… x2?

So here on the Eastern Seaboard we’ve had 2 blizzards in 1 week. Essentially two 20+ inch storms in a week.

This has provided some amazing opotunities photo wise, and I believe that sharing is on order.

Hello world!

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